• PVC being a heat sensitive material necessitates a very controlled temperature during processing. This is best possible with closely intermeshing twin screw extruder with relatively less power as compared to single screw. RCVTS twin screw extruders are known for the power optimisation and are offered in the range from 110 kg/hr up to 900 kg/hr.

  • RCV Engineering Pvt Ltd., offers downstream equipments for extruder line for PVC, UPVC, CPVC, PPR & HDPE Pipes. We offer Vaccum sizing Tanks, Extra Cooling Tanks, Traction Units, Cutting Units & Fitting Units under one roof.

  • RCV Engineering Pvt Ltd., is specialized in manufacturing Auxi Equipments like Hi Speed Mixers, Vibro Sievers, Hopper Loader & Flexible Screw Conveyors. We offer vide range of products in up streams & material handling systems.

  • RCV Engineering Pvt Ltd., offers spares for Extruder e.g. Die Heads, Downstream Equipments & Auxi Equipments e.g. Mixer Blader, Flexible Screw etc.

Our Product Range


  • For Spares:
  • die head
  • Multiple Pipe Die Head

Single Pipe Die Head Specifications

RCV offers spider dies, right up to 630mm dia with single head, also dual and quadruple head.


1)Uniform melt distribution through the entire pipe circumference
2)Excellent flow properties
3)High volume low pressure design ensures wider thickness range
4)Twin die heads for higher outputs in smallerdimeters
5)Dual die with dual downsteam for pipe sizes 20-110mm &63-200mm.
6)Extruder utillization fromm 80-100% even with smaller pipes Die head with trolley for P-200 and above models for easy movement

Single Pipe Die Head Specification
Models T63 T110 T200 T250 T315 T400 T630
Pipe Range(mm) 20-63 20-110 63-200 90-250 110-315 110-400 250-630
Output Capacity 100 200 320 425 550 700 1000

Twin Pipe Die Head Specification

Twin Pipe Die Head
Models TD 50 TD 32
Pipe Range(mm) 20-50 19-32
Output Capacity 200 280

Dual Pipe Die Head with Dual Downstream Equipment

Dual Pipe Die Head with Dual Downstream Equipment Specification
Models T 63 T 110(Dual) T 200(Dual)
Pipe Range(mm) 20-63 20-110 63-200
Output Capacity 200 400 650